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  • Costa Rica is a small country with a huge vision. We are well-known for our rich coasts and extensive micro-climates, allowing our producers to be pioneers in the production and sales of ornamental plants and we had been able to offer our products all year-round.
  • Our guiding principles are quality control, protection of the environment and socially responsible conduct. That’s how Green Plants Cluster of Costa Rica was constituted since 2003 and had been working with PROCOMER to ensure top-quality goods.
  • Our mission is to achieve success and satisfaction of our clients by means of producing ornamental plants with a constant quality and a high added value.

We invite you to meet our members at International Horticulture Goyang Korea 2018. They have more than 30 years of experience producing and exporting ornamentals, to Germany, USA, Holland, Italy, Poland, Australia and Chile among others. We will be launching the new image and branding of our cluster and the benefits it has to offer to our business partners. Costa Rica's essence will be there waiting for you!

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If you want to meet your new strategic partners please come to our venues and meet the costarican companies that will be there or you can fill the form below and let us know how can we do business together.

Or you can contact: Alexander Román. +31 (0) 10 282 1220

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we focus on top quality and uniqueness